You can pick in person again.

Dear members of the Speel-O-Theek,


From Saturday onwards, you will be able again to pick the toys you want to loan, in person.


The following rules will still apply though:

  • Do not come to the Speel-O-Theek if you have a cough, a cold or a fever.
  • Make sure the toys you return are properly cleaned.
  • If something is missing or broken, report it. This is how we keep our Speel-O-Theek complete and clean together.
  • Then you place the toys in the quarantine area.
  • Disinfect your hands when you enter the Speel-O-Theek.
  • There will be an employee at the entrance who arranges access and allows members to enter 1 by 1. A maximum of 4 members may be present in the Speel-o-Theek at the same time.
  • Maximum 1 adult and preferably no more than 1 child.
  • Residence time in the Speel-O-Theek as short as possible.
  • Payment of any outstanding membership fees and fines only by pin. (so no cash)

When picking up and returning, keep 1.5 meters distance and a mouth mask is mandatory.