Open on monday

We are very happy to announce that starting from September we are also open again on Mondays.

Wednesday afternoon is regrettably still not possible. The volunteers of Wednesday will however count the toys after the quarantine period.


We would like to draw your attention to:

  • Come with only one adult and as few children as possible.
  • There can only be a maximum of 6 members in the Speel-O-Theek at the same time. So try to minimize your time in the Speel-O-Theek by for example looking through our digital catalog on the website.
  • Playing with the toys in the Speel-O-Theek is currently not allowed
  • Check the toys at home.


We will keep using the same corona regulations that you can read below. 


Corona Guidelines

  • There are allowed to be 6 members inside the Speel-O-Theek at the same time.
  • Come with only one adult and as few children as possible.
  • A facemask inside the Speel-O-Theek is no longer mandatory.
  • Do not come to the Speel-O-Theek if you have a cough, cold or fever.
  • When picking up and returning, keep 1.5 meters.
  • Make sure the toys you return are properly cleaned.
  • If something is missing or broken, report it. This is how we keep our Speel-O-Theek complete and clean together.
  • Then place your toys in the quarantine area.
  • We do not serve tea and coffee yet.
  • Please keep your residence time short.
  • Toys can not be played with inside the Speel-O-Theek.
  • Please check the toys at home if anything is missing or broken. Send an email if this is the case.


We hope to see you soon again on Monday!