How to become a member?

How nice that you are thinking to become a member of our Toy Library: Speel-o-theek de Steeg. You can visit during opening hours and we will show you around the Speel-o-theek and explain everything in detail. If you already want to read our lending rules you can find them by downloads.


In times of Corona, everything is a little bit different.

Because of this, we want everyone coming to the Speel-o-theek to be there as short as possible, and are therefore using the Click & Collect method.


Could you send your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address to before Wednesday
Then we can already enter your data into the system and make a membership card.

Please read our Lending Rules before you come to the Speel-o-theek. You can find them by downloads.

Before Friday you pass on your list of 10 most wanted toys from our digital catalogue to Further details below.

On Saturday from 10:00 to 11:30 am, you can pick up the first 4 available items of your list, prioritized from top to bottom. Our volunteers will give you a short explanation/tour of the Toy Library and you can then also pay your membership by card. We also ask you to sign your registration form to check your address and your approval of the lending rules.


Rules Click & Collect

This means that you can select toys at home, pass the list on to us and then collect them. Unfortunately our system does not show a up to date availability. It is therefore possible that the toy has been borrowed when you want to borrow it.
You can find our entire collection on our website via the digital catalogue 

Toys can therefore be borrowed only through an order by e-mail to:


The rules for the takeaway counter.

  • You select 10 toys from the digital catalogue. You can see the toy codes by clicking on productdetails.
  • Put toys that you would like to borrow at the top of the wish list.
  • Place your order before Friday with your name and membership number and the codes and names of the 10 toys you want to borrow.
  • You can mail this list before Friday to
  • Because not all toys will be present, we will put the first 4 available items from your list ready in the Speel-O-Theek.
  • The order in which this email is received determines whether you can pick up the toys on the following Saturday.
  • We help a maximum of 20 members in 1 day. Unfortunately, more is not possible.
  • If your number is 21 or higher, it will be your turn the following week. You will receive a message from us if this is the case.
  • Collection is possible on Saturday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. We do not work with a time slot.
  • Make sure the toys you return are properly cleaned.
  • If something is missing or broken, report it. This is how we keep our Speel-O-Theek complete and clean together.
  • Then you place the toys in the quarantine area.
  • There will be an employee at the entrance who arranges access and allows members to enter 1 by 1. So 1 in and 1 out.
  • Maximum 1 adult is allowed. (so unfortunately no children).
  • Residence time in the Speel-O-Theek no more than 5 minutes.
  • Payment of any outstanding membership fees and fines only by pin. (so no cash) There is of course no penalty charged for too late.


When picking up and returning, keep 1.5 meters distance and a mouth mask is mandatory.